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How LinkedIn Video Can Help Executives

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Personal branding.  Hate it, love it, or are completely confused by it, those two words are helping professionals and executives across the globe, achieve their goals with authenticity and credibility.

It’s all about making an impact on your audience (be it live or digital) by communicating your personality, your values and your skills in a consistent way.  This enables you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by those who feel a positive connection with you.

In the current climate of increased screen time, the digital platform which has become synonymous with personal branding is LinkedIn.  With it’s combination of networking and recruiting, it can be a hugely valuable tool in taking charge of your career.   According to Kinsta, 35.5 million people have been hired by someone they connected with on LinkedIn.  So make no mistakes, it’s worth putting in the effort.

Along side personal branding, the other buzzword within the world of LinkedIn is Thought Leadership, which ties in with credibility.  Creating regular, powerful content which shows your expertise, whilst being your own authentic self, is the desired outcome and is what will drive your presence on the platform.

In order to make the most of all this and create maximum impact, you must look at creating content that uses media other than text.  Of course, writing is a vital part of your content and is number one when it comes to LinkedIn.  However, if it’s relationship building you are after (which is what LinkedIn is all about) an absolutely vital element to include is visibility.

As human beings, when we communicate and connect with others, we do it best when we see a face.  There are many visual cues that we take on board, along with the verbal communication, which help us to process information and form understanding and opinions.   According to experiments done by the Iranian-American psychologist Albert Mehrabian, words account for only 7% of whether a communicator is likeable, and the rest is determined by tone of voice, intonation, and body language.  So when we want to build effective relationships with our LinkedIn audience, making ourselves visible is a very powerful tool and can speed up the whole process.

With all this in mind, it becomes obvious that video plays a key role here, and it’s popularity is growing.  It’s the fastest way to enable your audience to build a connection with you, without actually being face to face.  This has not missed the bright sparks at LinkedIn, who already offer an Intro Video service to recruiters who hire through the platform.

Far from suggesting that you should forget the humble word in favour of filming, it’s a mix of media that works the best.  Variety is key in keeping your audience interested and engaged, so a balanced approach of text (with images where appropriate) and video is what you should be aiming for.  If you can achieve that, you will have a distinct advantage over those that don’t.

Here at Visible Impact, we create LinkedIn video content that enables you to stand out and be noticed, spark connection and help you build your personal brand.  We offer a range of services to help you feel prepared and confident for filming, make the whole experience easy and enjoyable, whilst delivering high quality professional video that gets you seen and heard.

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